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Atom, ION and Blu-ray into a vase ???

What a weird news, but guess what that came out on Computex 2009, see this picture below.

imagecan you guess, what is in that picture?

Well maybe you can guess from the title above, yes you right. PC but looks like a vase, wow. But That is really more of what we'd expect out of some slightly deranged basement hacker, not a company like ECS at a major tradeshow, but we'll take any entrants in the burgeoning "nettop in a vase" space we can get. To be serious for a moment, this PC is actually a pretty interesting illustration of the future afforded by small, low-power components: ECS has stuffed a full Intel Atom 230 system, including NVIDA ION graphics, 1GB of RAM, a 2.5-inch HDD and a Blu-ray drive into what looks like a family heirloom. There's even room for a couple USB ports, Ethernet and HDMI plugs on the bottom, which keeps the main body uninterrupted other than the tray-loading drive. Basically, we're floored. Interesting huh?

image image image image

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