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Fit PC2, the smallest PC.

Now days, every vendor seems like racing in developing a smallest PC ever.  Until I've read about Fit PC2 from CompuLab, it have all the power of a PC desktop commonly. But sure there's always a different between it.

The Fit PC 2 is an inch thick, about 4 inches each way, and pipes 1080p video through an HDMI port. Though a perfectly usable PC with a 160GB hard drive, Atom Z CPU and a gig of RAM, it's so small that it makes even netbooks look bulky.
There's also WiFi, gigabit ethernet, a remote control sensor, a MiniSD card slot and 6 USB ports. Out back are headphone and mic sockets and an antenna screw.
Performance is similar to other nettop PCs: good enough to use as a main machine for casual desktop users, but slow with several apps open, and inappropriate for demanding applications such as video editing. 
Its special sauce is that high-def video and audio, making it suitable for use as a home theater PC. To those who've spent years playing with tiny computers, to finally get something that "just works" on that front is a eureka moment.
Web-embedded video, however, remains choppy at HD resolution, since Flash doesn't take advantage of the chipset. Gaming, too, is mostly a bust. MAME and other emulators works fine, but modern-era titles, even casual ones, were unplayable -- if they ran at all. Gamers might get better results from an alternative driver set. There's no OpenGL in any case.
Connected to a 1080p display with a full complement of peripherals, however, it's surprising how capable an Atom-based system is. Though a plain-jane black box, it fills the imagination with ideas: with a drive upgrade, it'd make a good home server/HTPC combo. It runs off 12DC, so is OK for cars. It would make a neat motel PC, for those who want big screens and their own movie collection while traveling. If only TV sets had them built-in.
+ Smaller and cheaper than a Mac Mini, but still a usable desktop PC.
+ Extremely low power consumption.
+ 6 USB ports makes it easy to hook up to a full set of desktop gear.
+ Fanless, but as a result feels quite hot to touch.
- No optical drive, obviously!
- MiniSD and mini USB means SD cards and thumbdrives are a pain to use.
- No audio through HDMI
- Can't upgrade the RAM.

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