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Social Bookmarkings Advantage

If you had read my article about How to Promote your blog through facebook, or Promote your blog with Tweetmeme for twitter. Why I have to write those article ? the reason are :

  1. To have more links to your site, more links are always a good thing. Think of links as the road traffic that moves through the web. If there are no roads to where your business "lives" online, namely your website, it's far less likely that the visitors you want will end up getting to you.
  2. To Improved your traffic because there are some kind of chain reaction between links and traffic. Sometimes that's true whether you're talking about traffic or links from other sites. Because search engines use a mysterious cross between the number and quality of links to your site in their determination of whether you should be number one or number 701 for your desired keyword. In addition, the "nicer" the road, the more traffĂ­c will flow through it - think of an authority site linking to your site as a highway that leads directly to your site, and one from a reciprocal link or link exchange scheme as a back street in a sketchy neighborhood full of potholes.
From social bookmarking, this traffic is often targeted. Through tagging, the description someone writes, or the title they assigned to your link, the person who discovers the submitted link on a social bookmarking site knows exactly where they're going, and why they're interested in getting there.

It's like seeing the cover of a magazine on a rack. That's what pulls them in, they see a headline - and to get to the story they are compelled to take another action.
That's the power of social bookmarking. It's put a technology behind word of mouth sharing of web sites that anyone can use.
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